Monday, November 4, 2013

The Perfect Mindreader has terrific reviews!

I recently finished writing my Q&A mentalism routine The Perfect Mindreader for publishing.

On November 1st I received the preface for my manuscript. I want to share it with you, because I am proud, so moved and incredibly honored. It comes from the magician Christian Chelman, Curator of the Surnateum the Museum of Surnatural of History in Belgium and author of many internationally acclaimed magic books. Halloween is really the Magicia
n's Christmas and here is the most wonderful gift I could receive:

"I’ve read with great pleasure the manuscript of Vincent Pimparé, The Perfect Mindreader. After having translated Annemann’s Practical Mental Magic to french and tried every method proposed (along with those of other authors), I thought I had been around every single principles of ‘one ahead’ and billet readings. But I have now discovered a more subtle and efficient method than any other available versions. It is clear that Vincent did not only put his heart in writing his work, but he also thought and rethought for every trap we could fall into. It is a professional method that had matured a long time before being laid on paper. It is with great pleasure that I preface his work and I do not doubt a single moment that you’ll greatly enjoy trying his method."
Well if this isn't already completely awesome, Luca Volpe, the italian mentalist and award winning magician wrote about The Perfect Mindreader:

"Vincent has done a great job taking a classic to a new level. The routine is very fluid and cleaner than the original. I wish him good luck with this first work for the mentalism community!"
The Perfect Mindreader is available through the Store and is a must for any serious mentalist.

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