Vincent Pimparé is a fascinating mindreader and a thrilling stage host from Montreal known for his wit and spooky mind-boggling presentations.

Master in the art of mentalism, cold reading, hypnotism and magic, he naturally mixes his unusual skills with his funny caracter and his love for audience interaction to give an unbeatable one-man psychic act that travels everywhere and baffles everyone.

From burlesque venues to comedy and rock shows, he has been involved in many stage productions, such as Ski et Drôle, Smoke N' Mirrors, BodyPaint Illuminati, Politickle Burlesque, Jardin Mécanique's La Sinistre Histoire du Théâtre Tintamarre, Sexy Burlesque, Les Mardis de l'Humour, Dr. Wiggle's Burlesque Emporium and many many others!

You can regularly see him at the Montreal burlesque theater, The Wiggle Room, where he performs outstanding mental feats as the House Mentalist on the weekly Voix-de-Ville Variety Show

Author of the book for mentalists, The Perfect Mindreader, he is also considered one of the most brilliant performer, consultant and creator in his field.