Going Mental

Going Mental

Vincent plays the Know It All and it is enormous.

For ninety minutes he shows his unusual skill to know the past, the present and the future. 

He wages 1500$ of his cash every show on his abilities with a spectator. 
He predicts the newspapers headlines at every performance and even the lottery if the show is happening late. He guesses right on your hobbies, your next travel location, your first friend's name, your dreams and nightmares and he even gets your PIN. He reveals your funniest secrets for the amusement of everyone.

Maybe it's that strange crystal ball he carries with him that makes it all possible.

He reads everyone as an open book, plays chess with his back turned to the board, with his eyes blindfolded he draws celebrities with an invisible ink marker and even makes impossible lightning-fast mental calculations that would blow Einstein's mind.

Well, you get the picture. Vincent's Going Mental, he loves it and you'll love it too!