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The Perfect Mindreader:

Effect: A dozen spectators each think of something and print down the information on a card which they seal into an envelope. The envelopes are gathered and mixed by a spectator.
The mindreader picks the stack of envelopes, takes one and brings it to his forehead.

He asks one specific spectator to stand up and he then gradually reveals that spectator’s thought.
The envelope is cut open, the though is read out loud, the card and envelope are passed into the audience for verification and then given back to the spectator as a souvenir.
The process is repeated until all thoughts are read.

• You never have to turn your back to the audience or move around the room as in the traditional methods.
• The envelopes and cards are not marked whatsoever.
• Includes fully detailed instructions for close-up, stand-up and stage situations. From 3 to 300 spectators.
• You can combine The Perfect Mindreader to your favorite Q&A routines.

The Perfect Mindreader is a new and vastly improved manuscript on Theodore Annemann's centenary Q&A The Modern Mindreader which makes it totally foolproof and easy to do. It is an enthusiastic innovation in the field of Q&A and has a baffling handling that will make it the perfect routine for the core of your Q&A act.

A must for any serious mentalist. Fully illustrated.
Now 25$ for a hard copy.

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