Thursday, October 17, 2013

100% correct!

Earlier in October I had visions of important events to come, which I wrote down and sealed in an envelope.  I asked the wonderful owners of The Wiggle Room to seal my prophecy in their safe up to October 16th. During yesterday's Voix De Ville show, they opened the safe and the prediction on stage. Every spectator had yesterday's newspaper in hand to follow the prediction. It turned out I was 100% correct on the 4 visions I had. There was a lot of 'Holy sh!t', 'Holy fvck', 'Fvck off' and 'No way!' to be heard in the room as the prediction was being read. I knew there was to be an earthquake under the island of Bohol, that a tall building would fall in Columbia and that an important Afghan politician would be murdered. Unfortunately for me, in my vision, I've foreseen a series of numbers which I didn't know to be the Extra lottery winning combination. Otherwise, I would be a bit richer today! Well, maybe next time!

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