Monday, June 2, 2014

Spectacular Romaine

Yesterday I had the chance to do a show with one of my all-time favorite performer, Romaine The Monarch of Manipulation!

This master of legerdemain has worked comedy clubs and cabarets in Montreal way before my mom and dad were even an idea! A real legend in the field of classic magic and entertainment so I was truly honored to be part of Spectacular Sunday along with him!

We had a blast both backstage and on stage with Richard Sanders, David Acer, Loran and Jonathan Burns! A night I will remember and cherish for the rest of my life.

This was also a very special night as I played for the very first time in front of the very people who entrusted me my first magic powers when I was a little boy, Evy and Phil Matlin, owners of Perfect Magic Montreal's oldest magic store!

Guy Camirand also came to see the show and only few people will understand what it meant to me when Guy told me how much he liked my act and how much Gary Ouellet himself would have loved it for reasons known only by the greatest magicians.

In other words, I feel at home, doing what I love the most with outcomes I thought only possible in my wildest dreams and I will keep doing it as long as magic lives within me and in all of you.

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