Saturday, May 3, 2014

Exciting News!

Fans and friends, it is time for some exciting news!

Results of our recent poll indicate that 50% of people believe in Extra Sensory Perception, while 30% do not and 20% rather believe in bacon. Even though the results could have been tastier, we're glad the general population's belief is low in fat.

Next friday Vincent will make an appearance as Chris Mysterion's special guest on the
 Something Strange Sideshow Carnival show at The Wiggle Room. 

May 20th he will be at Pub St-Ciboire to give a french performance at
Les Mardis de l'Humour! 

The day after, Wednesday May 21st he's back on stage for The Voix-de-Ville Variety Show at The Wiggle Room after 2 weeks off where he invited his magician friends Pablo Solis and Jonathan Gold to perform their magic act on May 7th and May 14th respectively. 

He doubles his presence at Voix-de-Ville as he is also offering a performance the week after, on May 28th. The following day he heads straight to entertain the international crowd of the show at Hotel M in Montreal. 

We'll keep you updated on any additional public venues you could catch Vincent at during May. Make sure to check the Calendar page to get the latest updates!

Meanwhile, let's give you an exclusive scoop: Toronto's own magic coolest performers Lukas Stark and Chris Mysterion join forces with Vincent Pimparé as they produce a one time triangular show, Surnaturel Magique. The show will be hosted at Lula Lounge in Toronto and tickets will soon be available in advance at 15$. We'll keep you posted on the ticket sale.

For your convenience, here's the dates and times for all these wonderful events
  • Fri. May 9th 2014 @9:00 p.m. Mysterion's Something Strange, The Wiggle Room, Montreal
  • Tues. May 20th 2014 @9:00 p.m. Les Mardis de l'Humour, Le St-Ciboire, Montreal
  • Wed. May 21st 2014 @8:30 Voix-de-Ville Show, The Wiggle Room, Montreal
  • Wed. May 28 2014 @8:30 Voix-de-Ville Show, The Wiggle Room, Montreal
  • Thurs. May 29th 2014 @8:30 p.m., Hotel M, Montreal
  • Sun. June 29th 2014 @8:00 p.m. Surnaturel Magique, Lula Lounge, Toronto

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