Monday, January 27, 2014

David Acer at The Wiggle Room!

As you might know I have a deep love for magic.
One of my oldest memories was going to Perfect Magic, the magic store in Montreal, David Acer was launching his book Natural Selections. I could see his smiling face wrapped in a ball of tightly curled hair and I knew this man was funny. Later that day I won a Daryl magic trick for being there for the launch.

What I am trying to say is David Acer is going to be playing at The Wiggle Room this wednesday january 29th! This is going to be truly a great moment for the magician in me and a lesson for the performer that I am. David is a legend in our field and I am proud to share the same stage.

He could play 10 minutes and the show could be over, everyone satisfied but no, we have more!
Look at this lineup:
  • The comedy of Kate Conner
  • The bass-strumming genius of Jean-Philippe Demers Lelotte
  • The beautiful burlesque of Magnum DI
  • Baron Von Styck's boilesque
  • The Monarch of the Mountain and flexible Erica Anne Jean
  • The sultry sounds of Shy Shy Schullie
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